Bloomington is an enlightened, compassionate small city with a prominent university at its core. We have issues common in college towns — housing affordability, an aging infrastructure never built to support robust growth, limited opportunity for employment at living wages, a sustainable, committed response to climate change, fairness and equity for our diverse population, and the need to provide for public safety and robust services. Unfortunately, the public and governmental conversation over these aforementioned issues has broken down and too often degenerated into ideological rigidity, conflict and disrespect for the expertise and lived experience of Bloomington’s permanent residents.

I’m running for the District 1 City Council seat to help restore shared respect and openness to ideas in Bloomington’s city government.

Read the Bloom Magazine cover story on Joe Lee (October/November 2022)

Joe Lee is one of Bloomington’s foremost and most astute political and social critics. Former cartoonist for the Herald Times, the city’s newspaper of record, he’s a graphic novelist, teacher, historian and raconteur.



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